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Kehlani – Already Won (Review & Stream)

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Kehlani says she’s already won….. That’s how majority of the people feel about the Golden State Warriors at this point.

If any of ya’ll grew up with a teenage sister in the 90’s, you’ve heard music like this before. The sound of ‘Already Won’ reminds me of those vintage R&B tracks that artists like Brandy used to make in the past, but of course Kehlani adds her own brash flavor to it lyrically. The twist occurs in the middle of the song though: Kehlani gets her MC on, spitting this cold ass verse that is already better than anything I heard Trindad James rap. All in All, this might be the most versatile Kehlani song to date.

The swagger, the demeanor, the know how to make a record like this impresses me a lot! Only if we can give Lonzo Ball some of the confidence that Kehlani has!



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