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YFN Lucci – F–kin’ Witchu (Ft. Trouble) (Review & Stream)

I been telling ya’ll that YFN Lucci is an R&B artist!

This song is legit R&B music to me! The beat is on some smooth s–t, and has YFN Lucci singing like a n—a that just found love in the club. Do I hate it? Nah, it’s kind of catchy once you understand it’s vibes.

Trouble brings that gutter to the track, sounding like a video game boss that found love in the club (I swear everyone finds love in the club these days!) There really isn’t thing memorable from his verse, just a few lines that indicates he might be in love with his girl or his money.

I will not be adding this song to my iTunes library….Did I say that out loud?




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