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Ed Sheeran – Perfect (Remix) (Ft. Beyoncè) (Review & Stream)

Ed and Beyoncè make us feel all beautiful inside on ‘Perfect’!

Ed Sheeran definitely has a timeless hit in ‘Perfect’, and adding Beyonce to it only makes its legend grow further. As you may know by now, Ed Sheeran’s beautiful words on this song will make the toughest thugs cry, as his scratchy voice and charming accent will pierce at your soul. Ed, I love you!

Beyoncè is perfect for ‘Perfect’ (Amazing writing by me!)! While she gets praise for her luminary style (Which she should), I think what’s slept on is her ability to deliver roaring vocals like she does on this song (Especially when her voice gets all aggressive and everything). When Beyoncè sings like this, I legit get goosebumps!

So is Beyoncè talking about Jay-Z on this song? When she said she met an angel in person, I got thrown off a bit…



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