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Black BlueBirds – Love Kills Slowly (Review & Stream)

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The Black Bluebirds are ready to let the world know that Rock isn’t even close to being dead in the fiery ‘Love Kills Slowly’. 

I’ve heard so much watered down Rock music these last couple months that I’ve forgotten what an authentic rock track sounds like; ‘Love Kills Slowly’ is that brash reminder! From the moment you press play, you are treated to these heavy-hitting drums, electrifying guitar play, and roaring vocals from the Minnesota based band. As the song continues on, the more and more it intensifies, as you get these waves of emotion coming from all directions. I can honestly say I wasn’t prepared for the blast of power the band delivered on this song, especially when you consider the deeply rooted message they were hoping to achieve.

Make sure you check out this fierce track HERE! Also, check out there Facebook Page too!



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