10 Street Commandments

Ratings Game Album Reviews: 11/28/2017 – 12/4/2017

I try to get to everything throughout the week, but in all honesty, it’s impossible! Below is a recap of a few albums I couldn’t quite get to. 


Chief Keef has actually brought out some pretty decent music the last couple of months, which means his career isn’t quite as disappointing as I thought it would be. Well Chief Keef tries to keep his wave going with ‘Dedication’, and quite frankly, I thought it was pretty decent.

The Chicago based rapper has a few gems on this Mixtape (‘Keke Palmer‘, ‘Glory Bridge‘, ‘Text‘), and as a whole created a body of work that is hella consistent. Would I have liked more quality lyrics/musicality from him? Yes, but then again, it’s Chief Keef we’re talking about here.

 LIL DUKE – UBERMAN 2 (7.6/10)

Lil Duke is Thugger’s homie, and he dropped a pretty decent project in ‘Uberman 2’. On it, Duke catered to his hood, all his new women, and the many banks that are willing to deposit his drug money.

Besides the big name features Duke has on this project (Offset, Wiz Khalifa & more), I think it’s his knack for making those electric trap records that we all love that catches my attention the most. If you want to download anything, make it ‘Don’t Need You’, ‘Double’. and ‘Melrose’.


Tate Kobang has lots of potential, and it can only help your status when you’re affiliated with the legendary Swizz Beatz! Well on this album, Tate definitely shows off lots of impressive rap skills, as he explosively makes his claim as one of the best new artists out.

On this project, Tate reminds me a lot of Ace Hood, rapping with that same hunger, impressive flows, and real ass content. I think this project is a lot of fun, especially because it has a good mix of Hip Hop sounds. I recommend listening to the whole album, but if you don’t want to, download ‘Ello’, ‘Shouldn’t Have’ and ‘Bdrrrr’.


Young Buck makes his triumphant return on ’10 Street Commandment’s’, and as you can imagine, no one from the original G-Unit is on this album. That doesn’t stop him from doing his thing though, as he brings back that gritty/dirty south music that we love from him.

I actually think this project is very listenable, mainly because you get this version of Young Buck that is willing to adapt to the music of today. Don’t worry true fans of his, he still maintains that care free style he’s always had on it.


Euroz has been slowly showing up in people’s playlists lately, dropping some of the realest bars in the game whenever he raps. On ‘Two Birds One Stone’, the Dominican rapper gives us as complete a project as it gets, dropping versatile tracks like ‘Staying Ready’, ‘Chasing Dreams’, and ‘Catching Up’. At the same time, Euroz keeps it gritty on cuts like ‘Hidden Truths’, ‘Zero Dark Thirty’, and ‘Day To Day (Royals)’. All in all, you get a project from Euroz that I think is a good appetizer for something big in the near future.


I’m not sure who wants to hear from Wyclef Jean these days, but I can tell you that I respect that man’s hustle! In 2017, he dropped two projects, and both show off his ability to make music of today. On ‘Inspired By’, Wyclef literally makes music of today, remixing some of our favorite hip hop songs this year. I think it’s a good idea by Clef, but I’m not sure who would be interested in this Mixtape as a whole.


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