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OG Maco – Built For It (Ft. Trippie Redd & Uno The Activist) (Review & Stream)


2015 crazy meets 2017 crazy on the rowdy ‘Built For It’. 

Why does OG Maco sound like Major Payne on this track? I’m just waiting for this scary ass n—a to say “Salute!!!!”. BTW, do ya’ll remember that Nickelodeon show called ‘Salute Your Shorts’? That show was highly boring, but that theme song was lit! Remember the fat dude said “I think this thing fell apart” at the end? That used to always crack me up for some reason! As for this song, I forgot I was even listening to it.

I can tell Trippe Redd was thinking to himself “What the f–k type of song am I on” half way through his verse. This is even too bizarre for him.



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