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Zaytoven – Wake Up And Cook Up (Ft. Quavo & 2 Chainz) (Review & Stream)


Trap legends unite for ‘Wake Up and Cook Up’. 

‘Wake up and Cook Up’ is the epitome of a trap song to me: The instrumental has this gutterness to it, while Quavo adds this catchy ass hook to the song that will have you wanting to do the cooking dance. In terms of the verses, Quavo has the first one, and he raps with that herky jerky flow that I’ve come to love! You can tell he had fun making this track, probably jumping around and s—t in the studio while he was recording.

As for 2 Chainz, he adds that ferociousness to the track, rapping like the trap version of Superman. Together, him and Quavo glorify all the demons of the world, and I absolutely love it!

This song doesn’t have the best chemistry.



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