21 Savage

Cardi B – Bartier Cardi (Ft. 21 Savage) (Review & Stream)

Bodak Yellow, Bartier Cardi, and 23 Bavage are all Cardi B’s alter egos.

I hate to say it guys, but Cardi B has probably dropped the hardest records this year! Don’t believe me? Press play on this song, and you will literally be frightened at the heinousness of the beat.

My one beef with this song is Cardi’s lyrics: They are beyond putrid to me. I never really had a problem with her rapping in the past, but this joint sounds like she’s rapping while operating a 8 wheeler (Especially with all that damn third person mentions she’s doing).

21 Savage doesn’t quite save the song, but he definitely puts up a pretty decent verse. My one beef with his part though is he sounds like that one creepy dude that stays at the library but ain’t reading no damn books. Why you sound so molesty on this song 21?

Hmmmmmmmmm, I don’t know about this track guys…..




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