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Lil Wayne – Blackin Out (Ft. Euroz) (Review & Stream)

An underdog Wayne is a scary Wayne.

With all these other guys dropping 3-4 albums since Wayne dropped his last one, the hate in his blood has to be boiling at an all time high. I expect Weezy to vent some of those frustrations on this new ‘Dedication 6’ Mixtape, which might mean the industry is in big trouble. In this first leak off of it, Weezy raps over Jay’s phenomenal ‘The Story of OJ’ beat, attempting to sound just like him, but ultimately turning into the killer rapper we all know and love. Judging by his verse, nothing has changed with the Young money honcho, as he still has wordplay, punchlines and toilet jokes.

With so many words spent on Wayne’s verse, I would be remissed to not acknowledge the fact that Euro absolutely slayed this beat! Not only does he show that he can deliver punchlines that rival Wayne’s, but he also shows an urgency to attack the beat like a lion.

Can Defication 6 be the best one? I think so.



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