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Omen – Phone Home (Ft. Ari Lennox) (Review & Stream)

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It looks like J. Cole got himself a little team now!

If you are a Cole fan, I’m sure you are wondering where you heard that name Omen from, right? Omen has been rolling with Cole since his “Warm Up” days, which means he’s most likely a Day 1 dude for him. On “Phone Home,” the day 1’er finally gets his time to shine, delivering this conscience track for us that has him spitting nothing but flames over a fast tempo beat. Much like the tracks other Dreamville rappers make, this song sounds very “Colesque,” reminding me of the Mixtape version of the North Carolina rapper.

Ari Lennox is on the hook of this song, and she does one of the best Erykah Badu impersonations I’ve ever heard in my life! I guess I gots to fall in love with Ari, too…





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