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Craig David – Live In The Moment (Ft. GoldLink) (Review & Stream)

Raise your hand if you saw this collaboration coming…(Put your damn hand down if you got it up)

I’ll be the first to tell you that I was an avid Craig David fan growing up, but that was when I was a kid and his colorful/joyous music was encouraged by teenage media. Well since then, I haven’t quite followed his career, which means I have no f—king clue what type of music he makes nowadays. Well apparently, he makes feel good music, because over this Kaytranada beat, he sounds like the 5th coming of Justin Timberlake. I ain’t mad at it either, because the melody he creates is dope, the vibes are fun, and my ass is shaking.

GoldLink drops the perfect verse for this song: an electric one with a nice twisty flow. I love what he adds to this song, point blank period!

So far, this is the collaboration of the year! (Its January 12)



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