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Jay Rock – King’s Dead (Ft. Kendrick Lamar & Future) (Review & Stream)

Future and Kendrick on a track together is hip hop gold!

In a song featuring two of raps heaviest-hitters, Jay Rock shines pretty bright. That’s not to say Kendrick and Future put up bad features, I just think Jay Rock’s part was that damn good, as he raps with this relentless flow that seems like it was pent up in him for a couple months. Don’t sleep, Jay Rock ain’t no pushover!

You know what’s ironic? I was just listening to Kendrick Lamar on J. Cole’s classic “Forbidden Fruit” track, and I thought to myself: “Damn, I like Kendrick when he’s only on the hook of a rap song.” On “King’s Dead,” that is also what you get, but the feature he lays down is a lot more amped up: It sounds rebellious, it sounds angry, it sounds like the Kendrick that was ready to slap the hell out of Big Sean.

Future fits the song very well, because he’s the king of getting a track hyped up to the next level! To me, he simply completes “Kings Dead” with his energy — energy that is both clubby and bizarre at times.

I spoke too soon: Kendrick Lamar killed the track at the end. Sorry for lying in the beginning.


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