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YFN Lucci – Street Kings (Ft. Meek Mill) (Review & Stream)

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YFN Lucci is my favorite preacher of all time!

Both YFN Lucci and Meek Mill are very passionate rappers — they just show it in different ways. YFN usually likes to harmonize, typically creating infectious melodies. On this song, he does that on the hook, but really goes after it rap-wise on his verse. It’s not the best rap verse you’ve heard in your life, but it’s definitely one of the more passionate ones.

Meek Mill has been through a lot in his life, which is where I think majority of his passion comes from. On his verse for this song, he shows some of that passion (And then some), practically screaming like Stefon Diggs after he made that game winning touchdown in the divisional game of the NFC playoffs. It’s definitely chilling to listen to, especially considering that he is currently doing a jail bid.

Free Meek!



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