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Joey Bada$$ – King To A God (Ft. Dessy Hinds) (Review & Stream)

This is the Joey B4 Da$$ and the rockstar writing credentials.

Ladies and gentlemen, this joint is nothing but FIRE! 🔥 Over this cold ass beat, Joey shows absolutely no mercy, reminding people how savage he can be when he’s pissed off at the world. It’s bars you get from him, but most importantly, it’s aggressive bars.

I’m new to Dessy Hinds, but I’ll tell you this: He made a helluva first impression on this song. With an unstoppable flow capable of getting Dems and Republicans to agree on s—t, he makes sure that if you think Joey upstaged him on this song lyrically — it wasn’t by a landslide.

Why does Joey think Chauncey Billups is ugly? That was such a random line…




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