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Chrizwise – Hot Notes (Ft. Kissie) (Review & Stream)

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My Naija brothers, Chrizwise & Kissie, make sure you get nothing but good vibes in the addictive “Hot Notes.”

What a lot of people may not know is that AfroPop is currently my favorite type of music right now! Not only does it get any party it is played in started, but it literally makes the women in the room want to move their bodies (What guy doesn’t want that?). With “High Notes,” that’s what you get, a track by ChrizWise and Kissie that has the type of AfroPop spirit that will energize anyone! Whether it’s ChrizWise toying with the reggae beat by dropping this rhythmic hook, or the swagged out approach Kissie uses on his verses, the track will somehow lift up your mood the second you press play.

I’m keeping this track in my daily rotation.



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