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Cozz – Ignorant Confidence (Review & Stream)

Cozz’s new “Ignorant Confidence” album is based on the Washington Wizards season this year (SMH).

Cozz won’t have the impact that the other superstar rappers have, but I think he will compete for rap supremacy really soon. I feel like his bars are just as hungry as anyone else, especially when you give him a subject matter that means something. On “Effected,” Cozz has a little bit of fun with it, raping over this fast tempo club beat. He doesn’t care to sound wise, he doesn’t care to play Cole’s successor, he just raps the first thing that comes to his mind.

My girl wanted me to keep my hair as high as Cozz has it, but I said “No!” Do you realize how frustrating it is to live with this much dandruff?



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