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Onyx – I’ma Fu-kin’ Rockstar (Review & Stream)

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Them n—as that do too much reunited in 2018!

To be honest with you, this track is pretty boring. For some odd reason, the often belligerent Q from Moesha Fredro Starr is being pretty calm on it, with raps that are both uninspiring and dull. frfr, if these n—as aren’t screaming on a song, I ain’t trying to hear it.

Skyzoo actually drops some serious bars on this track! His heavily flavored NY raps come rampant on his verse, as he swags his way through his verse. He definitely pumps some  well needed energy into the track. (I was about to fall asleep in this muthasucka)

Rappers think just because you add a splash of guitar to a beat that it’s some rockstar s—t…



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