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Iggy – Savior (Ft. Quavo) (Review & Stream)

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Quavo, why?

The phrase ‘One-Hit Wonder’ gets thrown out a lot in the industry these days, but personally, I resort to using it when I legitimately feel someone’s career was only a hit or two deep. In my opinion, Azalea is really close to getting that label from me, as ‘Savior’ marks her fifth attempt at making a record stick with the masses. Surprisingly, the song does have some staying power to it, as the Australian rapper calls upon Quavo for this Caribbean inspired track. I think Iggy slays on it, dropping something that is both infectious and raw. Quavo also does his thing on it, showing the world once again that he is capable of being a universal pop star (Yes, there is some sarcasm in that sentence). Overall, I think the track is dope, so why can’t it be a hit?



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