Blocboy JB

Blocboy JB – Look Alive (Ft. Drake) (Review & Stream)

You mean to tell me some dude named Blocboy JB can get a Drake feature, but Wale can’t get diddily squat? At what point do we boycott?

I’ll be blunt with you: The only reason I’m listening to this song is because Drake is on it. With such a f–k boy statement out of the way, I did my due diligence and researched dude, finding out that he’s a rapper from Memphis that is signed to Drake’s OVO label. With my professionalism now out the way, lets get back to F–k Boyery! Drake made this song, setting its tone with a “If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late” type feature. His part is trill as s—t, and is a staunch reminder to people that he’s still on top of the rap totem pole.

On Blocboy JB’s part, he does confirm the songs grittiness, sounding like the one out of the two of them that had his hood credentials approved by the FDA.

Sometimes this site can be petty.




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