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Well Dressed Villains – Lift (Review & Stream)

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The Well Dressed Villains invite us to toast to the good life with them in the exhilarating “Lift”

The Well Dressed Villains are a duo that specialize in mixing hip hop with a couple different genres such as Rock and EDM, creating this sound that is both sonically unique and quite frankly, different. With their new project, “Hide Your Valuables,” they put these musical ideals to work, creating this invigorating piece of work that shines from start to finish. One of the tracks off of the album is titled, “Lift,” and it is a nice little track in which The Well Dressed Villains bask in their successes. The root of the instrumental to this song is gentle in tone, but there is also a few elements that make it electrifying. Content-wise, both rappers drop some pretty lively bars, letting the listeners know nothing is stopping them from throwing a few back and having a good time. Overall, I love the songs energy, and wouldn’t mind throwing one back with the duo!

Make sure you checkout the duo’s “Hide Your Valuables” Album here!




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