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Nipsey Hussle – Dedication (Ft. Kendrick Lamar) (Review & Stream)

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Every hood in California was waiting for this song like white people are waiting for the season premiere of “Stranger Things.”

You know what I love about both of these Cali rappers? Each of them spit with this urgency that I love! (Especially Nipsey) On this particular song, Nipsey sounds hungry as hell, rapping like he’s trying to put his lil homie onto game while trying to figure out why his breaks aren’t working. It’s a dope ass verse from him, mainly because it mixes some trill ass vibes with motivational lyrics. To say I love it is an understatement. (I’m not feeling the hook, though)

Of course you knew Kendrick was going to spaz on this s—t! On his verse, he does no smiling, no happy s—t, just drops straight up knowledge revolving around uplifting. His flow is perfect, his aggression is powerful, and his words are exact.

Damn, this is some real s—t!



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