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Steady Tek-Nick – Boomback (Ft. Joey Wraps) (Review & Stream)

Steady-Tek-Nick and Joey Wraps shows off some superhero-like rap skills in the mellow “Boomback.”

Steady-Tek-Nick is a proud Haitian rapper that has shown flashes of greatness these last couple of years. In his newest project titled, “Blank Tape,” he shows us why listeners are betting on him to succeed, dropping a project in which you get nothing but cold ass bars and infectious vibes throughout. One of the standout tracks on the Mixtape is “Boomback,” a cut in which both himself and Joey Wraps absolutely tear apart this paralyzing instrumental through some of the most explosive bars you would hear in rap today.

I love the unorthodox flow Steady-Tek-Nick raps with on his verse, spitting bars that are zany yet knowledgeable. I also love the dynamic flow that Joey Wraps spits with on his verse, as he shows off this unbelievable ability to rap about 1000 words without taking a single breath. Together, in less than 4 minutes, both rappers let me know that hip hop is in a good place.

Make sure you check out Steady-Tek-Nick’s “Blank Tape” album HERE! 



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