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Patrick Goddard- Come Alone (Review & Stream)

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Patrick Goddard transports listeners to the West Coast in his latest single “Come Along.”

If you’re a fan of bands like The Shins, The Flaming Lips, and Modest Mouse, you’ll definitely love Patrick Goddard! Hailing from Long Beach, California, Patrick Goddard has created a perfect blend of music that combines pop punk, post punk, and indie genres.

The repetitive and upbeat nature of “Come Along” makes it very playful. Meanwhile, the lyrics are more on the heavier side, which juxtaposes the instrumental pretty nicely. Although this song feels predominately punk, there are Americana undertones associated to it, which is a nod to Patrick Goddard’s unique blend of genres.

This is a clean-cut hit record, which is not surprising given that the EP it’s featured on is littered with hits! Make sure you can give the full EP a listen here!



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