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Imani Wj Wright – Coffee Cup (Review & Stream)

Imani Wj Wright delivers yet another masterpiece for us in “Coffee Cup”


If you’ve followed Imani Wj Wright’s career throughout the years, you understand how artistic he is when it comes to making R&B music. In my opinion, Imani has this uncanny ability to blend together thoughtful words with astonishing vocals, making him one of R&B’s purest talents. In “Coffee Cup,” Imani continues to shine using that formula, linking up with Mū for this sensual gem that puts a huge focus on affectionate vibes.

You know what I love most about this track? Imani does a little bit of everything on it, including rap, sing, and even drop some poetic lines. Additionally, the Baltimore native shows lots and lots of passion on his verses, truly making the track come alive with his vocals. Aside from that, the guitar-play from Mū is phenomenal, as it plays the perfect compliment to Imani’s emotions.

If you’ve been following Imani throughout the years, you will definitely enjoy this heartfelt tune.



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