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See This Through – Not The Same (Review & Stream)

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See This Through’s “Not The Same” is that kick ass rock song that will have you ferociously nodding your head. 

See This Through are a four person band from South Bend, IN that has a talent for releasing some of the most invigorating rock music out today. One of the stand out tracks from their catalog is the explosive “Not The Same,” an exhilarating tune that contains some heavy-hitting drumming, exhilarating guitar-play and roaring vocals.

The energy the band shows from the moment you press play on this song is truly remarkable! As a listener, you can feel the passion in every note/line they deliver –something I find pretty stimulating. Because of this, you can tell the guys like working with each other, which ultimately translates to quality/genuine sounding music like “Not The Same.”

Make sure you check out more from See This Through at: http://www.seethisthrough.com/



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