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Royce Ripken – Social Media or Word of Mouth (Ft. IAmYungP) (Review & Stream)

Royce Ripken may not be related to Cal Ripken, but both guys do have two things in common: They share the same last name, and they both make hits!

Isn’t the topic of this song one of the realest s–t you’ve heard in a while? I feel like people are tittle-tattling about everything these days! On both of his verses, Royce gives us his own take on the new phenomenon, aggressively stating his reasons why he isn’t down with the way people are moving when it comes to gossiping these days. As a listener, you will like how firm he is in his approach, as he gives us a couple of verses that are lyrical, has some great punchlines/metaphors attached to it, and is as blunt as it gets!

IAmYungP hooks us up with a fiery hook, and based off the frustration in his voice, you can tell every single word that comes out of his mouth is brutally honest; this adds to the songs authentic feel.

Someone please let Donald Trump hear this song at least 19 times. I feel like both Royce and IAmYungP are speaking directly to people like him…



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