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DJ Khaled – Top Off (Ft. Beyoncé, Jay-Z & Future) (Review & Stream)


DJ Khaled gets three major features for his first single “Top Off”

“Top Off” doesn’t quite sound like a radio hit, but since it features Jay-Z and Beyoncé, it’ll probably be shoved down our throats. Anyway, on it, Future drops this repetitive ass hook that sounds a lot like “I Got The Keys.” If you ask me, his part is pretty useless, but then again, who am I to make that judgement.

As for Jay-Z and Beyoncé, they both drop pretty decent verses, as each rapper (Yes, I said rapper) tries their best to prove that they are Gucci in the streets despite being as close to billionaire status as it gets. While their parts are certainly trill, I think they force things a little.

I can find some silver linings on this song, but for the most part, I don’t like it.



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