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Power Culture Mixtapes (Vol. 1) (Review)

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So you need to get your old school hip hop fix real quick? I think this “Power Culture Mixtape Vol. 1” is exactly what you need! With a great mixture of dynamic rap tracks and Caribbean tunes, listeners are treated to this 23 track project that never lets up when it comes to exhilarating music.






King Brice opens up the mixtape with “Crowd Control” — A track that does a phenomenal job of hyping up the listeners.

Though the track is short (1:58 to be exact), Brice was still able to have this impact on the listeners ears lyrically, dropping some pretty gritty bars that has him sounding like the second coming of Method Man. I like how the track combines this old school hip hop sound with this rowdy island feel, resulting in something that is both dynamic and amusing to listen to.



4. KING BRICE – TRAP IT UP (4.1/5)

“Trap It Up” has this hard-hitting/sinister instrumental to it, which ultimately ends up bringing out the killer in King Brice.

Doesn’t it feel like King Brice blacked out on this song? I feel like his bars come out so fluently, as he drops a couple of bars that describe his trap ways to listeners. What I also find dope is that I feel like his trap language translates to bandos everywhere, as the Jersey native drops several different lines dedicated to both his hustling and mobbin’ ways.



3. MAKIDA – APPLEBUM (4.4/5)

“Applebum” will definitely get stuck in your head.

I’m not going to lie, I love Makida’s flair on this track! I feel like she showcases a variety of skills on it, delivering some daring vocals and sly rap verses for us to indulge in. When you add the 80’s rap feel that the instrumental gives off to the equation, you get this colorful track that glistens every second it plays.



2. CAUSE I’M A G (4.5/5)

Dillian One The God shows off his hood credentials in “Cause I’m a G.”

“Cause I’ma A G” has this infectious bop to it, is hood emotional, and is as murky as it gets. As expected, Dillian One The God approaches the track with this gritty style, sending several different shots towards his haters. I love the slow tempo that Dillian raps with, as he indulges in leaving his opposition wondering what happened to them.




Ladies and gentlemen, I can honestly say that this is one of the best tracks I’ve heard this year! On it, Dashi does a little bit of singing, drops some tough ass bars, and channels her inner Caribbean over Mobb Deep’s iconic “Shook Ones” instrumental. How she was able to successfully mix each style together is astonishing, to me, showing us all that she might just be the Lebron James of this music s–t when it is all said and done.




Power Culture Mixtapes Vol. 1 reminds me of one of those random Mixtapes that I used to get from my local barbershop! It has this hood authentic feel to it from start to finish, containing various hungry artists such as King Brice, Dashi and more dropping songs. Aside from that, you get several different styles of music on the Mixtape, as the producers made it a mission to accommodate R&B, Street Rap and Reggae fans. In my opinion, the project is a Mixtape in the purest form, and if you grew up off of Mixtapes, it’s definitely a must-listen. Shoutout to Holking Brice and Kasheem Cooper for putting this together.

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