Gunmo (Freestyle)

Rick Ross – Gummo (Remix) (Ft. Koly P & Omelly) (Review & Stream)

Boss x Gummo beat = Potential to blow my mind.

OK, that was a bit of an exaggeration, but to me, this is still a big deal.

Once you get past Meek’s shooter (Omelly) who always seems to sound perturbed by something, you get to hear this ultra competitive verse from Ross in which he dissects the explosive beat with this very consistent flow. Lyrically, I love how he lets the world know he’s still the man despite a couple of unfortunate circumstances, and how he puts his foes in their place throughout. It’s definitely one of those ‘I’m back’ verses.

I stopped the song after Ross’ verse. Actually, I stopped the song 5 seconds into Koly P’s rowdy ass verse.


OVERALL RATING (5/5 for Ross…2.5/5 for everyone else)


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