Carnage looks like he’s being stabbed in some Saran wrap. 

Carnage released a new album called “Battered Bruised & Bloody” on Friday, and as expected, it contains lots of hip hop madness. Since I’m a brand new uncle as of Friday, I’m tired, and probably won’t rate his s**t. However, I will look over one of his hits from the project, “Waterworld,” a sentimental (At least production-wise) track in which Migos talk about how much they love their ice. There is so much meaningless lyrics that you get from the track — ignore that aspect, and instead get lost in the trippy harmonizing that Quavo is doing for a good chunk of the track, and Takeoff’s aggressive verse. If it was any other artist I would this track was basura, but its Migos, so we are forced to love it.