Is Sage The Gemini trying to make a greatest hits album on behalf of Trina?

After linking up with Trina for “Pull Over” a couple of months ago, it looks like Sage wasn’t done meddling with the self-proclaimed ‘Baddest chick,’ linking up with her once again for “Too Fat.” As expected, the track is explosive, has Sage stealing some of Trina’s lyrics from her “Pull Over” hit from back in the day, and is made for women who can’t fit into their jeans.

I don’t mean to be rude, but I wouldn’t mind if I never heard Trina rap again. I get it, she fits the track, but I’ma big black dude — I’m the receiver of a grind not the giver, I can’t get jiggy with her talking about her ass for 15 minutes.

I’m in favor of contraction in hip hop; I say we merge Flo-Rida with Sage The Gemini. ( It will make for more parody in hip hop)