Playboi Carti – Love Hurts (Ft. Travis Scott) (Review & Stream)

Love does hurt…You see that elbow he gave DeRozan in Game 1 of the Raptors/Cavs series?

I guess you can call what Travis Scott and Playboi Carti are doing on this song ‘Trading Bars’, as each artist gets a chance to get their rockstar on over this erratic instrumental. Playboi opens the track up with his usual karate sounding ad-libs, but ultimately starts handing out bars, bragging and boasting about his reckless ways through choppy flow. Travis gets a little more melodic than Playboi does on his verse, sharing the same sentiments as Carti, but sounding like he fell and can’t get up vocally. All in all, I think the collabo is pretty decent.

Rappers get being a ‘rockstar’ mixed up with being reckless.



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