Is it sad that I gave Chief Keef major props for being educated enough to plug in a comma after ‘files’ in the title of this album?

Over the weekend, I got my main man, Tommy Monroe, to write up a review for the first installment of Glo Files. In his review, he talked about the torridness of the album, and how he began suffering from depression after listening to it. Most importantly, at the end of the review, he recommended to stay far away from the second installment of it. Being the stubborn reviewer that I am, I decided to give it a listen, and now I am suffering from minor brain damage. Seriously, this album is awful. It lacks energy, creativity and effort. It’s almost like Chief was trying to troll folks with its release, putting together a bunch of songs that clearly sounded like they were made while he was doing a stint on Naked and Afraid. On the real, I actually began to feel slightly insulted by its existence. If you don’t want to feel sad today,  I recommend you stay as far as you can from this album.