Drip Nation

Gunna & Sosamann – Drip Nation (Review & Stream)

Can someone please explain to me why Gunna is obsessed with the world ‘Drip?’

Lowkey, Gunna has been on lots of people’s albums as of late. Today, he gets on his solo tip, dropping this brand spankin’ new single called “Drip Nation” that features Houston’s very own, Sosamann. On it, both rappers get lost in the R&B heavy instrumental, mumbling their asses off in the process. I like the track for its vibes, but hate the fact that I don’t understand a damn word any one of them said on it.



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  1. “drip” is apart of houston culture thats why he said “i get my drip back from hosuton” dallas has whats called “boom” made by go yayo. its hard to understand if you not from here.

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