Hip Hop

YK Osiris – Valentine (Ft. Lil Uzi Vert) (Review & Stream)

It looks like YK Osiris’ “Valentine” got a major upgrade today.

If you haven’t heard YK Osiris’ “Valentine” yet, don’t feel bad, I haven’t either. It turns out that the track is one of those soulful gems that has YK sounding like the 2018 version of Mark Morrison. Not only does he serenade his women with some pretty passionate words on both his verse and the hook, but he also utilizes auto-tune like it was keeping him alive.

Uzi helps the song out quite a bit, dropping a pretty chill verse that has him doing some serious harmonizing. I love how he comes across like the biggest playa in the room, never stressing a single bar he delivers.

I guess there’s a such thing as mumble singing, too…




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