Legendary guitarist and composer, Kapil Srivastava, amazes in “Brindabani Sarang on Jhaptal!

I’m a reviewer that is open to listening to music from all over the world, mainly because it allows me to hear the many different intricacies that go into a certain artist’s body of work. This song is one of those examples of music that allows me to expand my horizons, and it also happens to be an absolute treat! The music you hear in this video is Ragas on guitar, which is an Indian Classical style of music that is both beautiful and lively. What makes this particular song even more interesting, to me, is that there is 10 beat cycles being played in total, making it one of the more dynamic styles of the genre you would hear today. As you listen to it, can’t you just tell that you are hearing something special? The instruments are all in sync, the music gives off this soothing tone, and most importantly, the energy that emerges from every guitar note/beat of the drum cannot be ignored. I truly did enjoy listening to this song!