After a few boring ass weekdays to let things simmer, it looks like our favorite rap heroes have went back to insulting us instead of their peers. 

I feel like the producer has the hardest job on this song. In order to succeed with such a oddball pair of artists, you have to create a beat that fits both of them; Whomever was behind the beat of this record was able to do just that.

Rich The Kid starts the track off, giving us this verse that is heavy on the bragging side. As usual, I wasn’t impressed with his rapping ability, but it’s always his presence on a song that gets me.

The song really starts with Pusha-T, as he does a good job of staying on the topic at hand while giving us something that is actually structured. I would call his verse ‘underwhelming,’ but if I said that, what would you think of Rich The Kid’s one?

I keep hearing that Rich The Kid ran from an Uzi Vert fade…