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Donna Cherry Tha Chop – Do Yo Thang (Ft. Curt Nitty) (Review & Stream)

Breakluck Entertainment’s Donna Cherry Tha Chop is ready to explode onto the music scene with her explosive new banger called “Do Your Thang” 

Fans of Cali hip hop music, stand all the way up! Everything about “Do Yo Thang” screams out classic west coast music, to me, as it boasts this funkdafied sound on both the hook (performed by Curt Nitty) and the beat. I promise you, after listening to it, you will want to throw your ‘W’s’ up and bring your low-riders out of the garage. As for my girl, Donna Cherry Tha Chop, she absolutely murders this song, rapping with great sass and slaying her competition with boisterous lyrics that straddle the line between savage and ruthless. I was definitely grooving to this s**t throughout, and found myself wanting to hear more when the song ended.

Other than the obvious reasons, I feel like hanging out with Donna Cherry would be dope as f**k! She comes across as genuine, entertaining and pretty saucy!



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