Chance The Rapper

Chance The Rapper – I Might Need Security (Review & Stream)

I’ve been waiting on some new Chance like it was daylight after a night of watching ID channel.

Chance The Rapper (AKA Mr. always happy even when he’s insulting you) said f**k all that politically correct s**t I do in my interviews, I’m coming at all my critic’s necks in “I Might Need Security.” I love every second of it, because not only do you get a version of Chance that is peeved, but you also get a version of him that lives all the way up to his rap potential (Excellent punchlines, great confidence and an unbreakable delivery). Chance should be able to show out considering what he’s meant to rap and his city, so I’m all for the quick ass kicking lesson he gave us on this song.

This is the best song out of the four. Chance is actually serious on it.



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