Colder Lights’ “Lie To Me” is one of the better debut tracks I’ve heard in a while.

“Lie To Me” has such a mature sound. The cohesion between the instrumentalists and the lead singer is phenomenal, and the bands ability to hypnotize your mind and soul through these soothing vibes is breathtaking. Matter of fact, I felt like my soul was cleansed listening to it.

The lyrical content on this song is very interesting. The lead singer does a great job of getting you to become engulfed in his complex world, bouncing between frustration, cautious optimism and downright bliss. This causes the mood of the song to seesaw back and forth, never staying in a position long enough to lose your attention.

If you like “Lie To Me,” make sure you check out the music video for it, too. It is just as kick ass as the song.