Defenders – Operator Error (Review & Stream)

Rock-N-Roll doesn’t get any better than this.

Fellas, thank you, I needed this wake-up call. “Operator Error” is unruly, carefree, and most importantly, the definition of classic hardcore rock and roll! The moment you press play on the track, you are served with some electrifying guitar-play and heavy-hitting drumming that is meant to knock clocks off the wall and make neighbors want to call the cops on you. From there, you get explosive singing from the lead singer that is rebellious, matches the high-octane energy of the instrumental, and a bit surprisingly, has its sweet moments. I think “Operator Error” is the emotional ass kicking we all needed in our life, so at this very moment, I’m making it my morning alarm music!

Make sure you check out “Operator Error” and more from Defenders -> HERE!




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