New Music

Jamit – Pioneer Generation (Review & Stream)


Jamit keeps the unique vibes coming in the very energetic “Pioneer Generation.”

In my book, Jamit can do no wrong. His insistence on giving listeners quite the experience when it comes to modern day electro music is inspiring. In his latest release, he gives us a sound that is heavy on the bass, has a very nice rhythm attached to it and is very lively. While most of the song has this partying vibe to it, other parts of it gives off this dark/out-of-this-worldly feel that is a bit eerie, to me.

Orestis Milios provides the lone vocals on this song, but unfortunately, it is in a language I do not understand (Greek). His part is well needed, though, because it tells me that there is human life in Jamit’s zany planet.

If you play this song while you’re cleaning your house, I can guarantee you’ll get a lot done.




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