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Snowy Joey – For This (Review & Stream)


Snowy Joey is a cold muthaf**ka on the mic! (You like what I did there? Snow is cold, and this dude is cold on the mic, so I put two and two together)

So here’s the deal: Snowy Joey is a rapper from Chicago that is all about  making you nod your head and feel motivated to live out your dreams. In his newest release, a 4 track EP titled “Snow 4,” our frigid hero delivers bangers that are high in energy and explosive when it comes to the rapping side of things. One of the highlights off of the project is “For This”: A unique jam that is just as heavy-hitting as it is debonair. On it, our hero discusses the path it took for him to get to where he is now, acknowledging the ups and downs. I love how animated his bars are on his verses, the intricate instrumental he raps over, and most of all, his ‘snowfall’ adlib throughout (That s**t is fire!).

Make sure you check out Snowy Joey’s “Snow 4 EP“! Also, read his fantastic interview by the good people at Flowsfordays!



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