Album Of The Year

J. Cole Kicks Ass And Takes Names In The Short But Sweet “Album Of The Year” (Review & Stream)

Ohhhhh, so this is what that tweet from Cole meant when he said he kills any beat. 

J. Cole is back! And he’s dropping rhymes that are colder than a Kim Kardashian confrontation. In “Album of The Year,” the rap veteran spits over Nas’ “Oochie Walley” beat (A beat I have an inkling that he wanted to kill for years), practically losing his s**t and never finding it. The two minute song has him going at young rappers’ necks again, letting the world know that he has the album of the year (which I disagree, DAYTONA is thus far), and speaking with that cocky voice that will make you want to throw hot syrup on him. It’s vintage Cole, and I’m all for it!

Cole has a new mixtape dropping called “The Off-season” real soon, and I expect nothing but stove heat. Anything less than that will be uncivilized.



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