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Meaux Thug Does Some Serious Stuntin’ In “Littorious” (Review & Stream)

They don’t make gutter ass hits like this anymore.

Meaux Thug has been on his grind as of late, releasing a bunch of bangers in the last couple of years and even dropping a short EP titled “Raw” just a few months ago. One of the lead tracks off of “Raw” is “Littorious,” and on it, you get this absolute banger that is powered by this hard-hitting instrumental that is very reminiscent of the classic southern s**t you would hear back in the day. Meaux Thug hops on the beat and gives us the hood gospel, putting us onto game when it comes to keeping it real, bossin’ up and getting guap. I like the bravado Meaux raps with throughout his contributions, as he shows no fear in letting the world know what he’s all about, and most importantly, how his hood gets down.

Make sure you check out Meaux Thug’s “Raw” project HERE!



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