Dar.Ra Does Rock Music Right In The Highly Explosive “Dirty Little Secrets” EP (Review & Stream)


Dar.Ra’s uncanny ability to make unique rock records manifests itself in “Dirty Little Secrets.”

Brighton-based Rocker, Dar.Ra, is a very talented artist that has seen over two decades of success dabbling in songwriting, composing and even writing literature. In his newest EP, “Dirty Little Secrets,” he focuses solely on his rock/soulful music making, providing us with four brand new tracks that touches, uplifts and absolutely electrifies listeners!

You know what I love most about Dar.Ra’s style? He isn’t afraid to show passion on whatever instrumental he’s presented with. For example, on “Heart Shaped Pill,” you get some very serious emotion out of him, as he finds a way to glide through the heavy-hitting instrumental he was given, unequivocally describing the dangers that can come with excessive indulging. In another one of the tracks off of the EP, “Night Stepper,” listeners are treated to this highly infectious tune that inspires you to give it your all when it comes to chasing your dreams, showing no fear in dealing with the trials and tribulations that might come your way during the process. You’ll love the sly yet boisterous bravado our hero sings with throughout this track, as he aims to inspire those listening every step of the way.



With the background of “Dirty Little Secrets” being powered by some pretty tough circumstances (Dar.Ra lost his brother to cancer last year), you get this feeling that our featured artist poured his heart and soul into every single note, word and message he delivered. As a true fan of music, that is all you can hope for!

To hear the music fiery new “Dirty Little Secrets” for yourself, click HERE!

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