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Jay Rock’s Adds “Rich The Kid” To “Rotation 112” (Review & Stream)


I just can’t see these two kicking it outside of the studio…

I’ma keep it blunt with you: Jay Rock has a top 5 album this year. Matter of fact, on my album review for it, there was some damn there 5/5’s I left out of my top 5 songs. One of those was “Rotation 112” — A mobbin’ ass track that has our hero spittin’ out some catchy lyrics about kidnapping grown folks, toting guns and embracing that section 8 lifestyle. If you ask me, the three and a half minute track reminds me a lot of Kendrick’s “Element” joint from Damn, but then again, I’m high off of mac and cheese right now so I might be talking gibberish.

No, Rich the Kid is not going to make “Rotation 112” any better, but he does give it a different sound. On his verses, he gives us something a bit more light-herted than what Jay Rock gave us, as he bigs up his beautiful women, diamonds and plugs (He can’t go a song without mentioning his plugs). I actually f**k with the choppy style he raps with, as he sorta plays hop scotch with the action-packed instrumental.

How the f**k did I not put this on the top 5? I’m dumb!



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