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Nancy’s Words To The Wise, Vol. 2: Random Thoughts About Music

The power dynamics of music listening can be noticed in everyday life. Even the melodies and the sounds of it can have a reaction to the way we think according to ancient Greek philosophers like Platon and Pythagoras. Scientists have developed this theory more and more as time gone by, and according to them, when listening to music, dopamines, which are pure substances in our organisms that can develop feelings of happiness in our mood, can be triggered when listening to our favorite track, subsequently making us optimistic and feeling pleasured.

Music can boost the way we communicate with others. It can also help promote positively and transform our own self-image and self-evaluation when we get to learn a musical instrument. It also takes a way stress at times after a rough day at work.

Everything is not perfect in society, but when listening to calm music, we can feel good and relaxed again — living in the moment, seizing the day and not worrying about the future to come…

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