Geedomane Gets Introspective In “I’m Set Free” (Review & Stream)


The truth shall set you free, but when the truth is in music, it can also get you hyped.

Music is a form of art, so when an artist gets a chance to spill their guts out on a song they make, you get art that is riveting. In “I’m Set Free” by Geedomane, that is exactly what the listener gets.

Over this drowsy instrumental,¬†Geedomane lets loose, touching on the chances of losing love and not being able to live with the regrets of not trying hard enough when he was in it. Geedoman’s harmonizing is on point in this song, as he barrels through the track utilizing some effective auto-tuning and a melody to die for. Aside from that, I feel like the passion and emotion our hero shows throughout is all the way real, something that makes his desperation for keeping his chick happy sound even realer to listeners.

Everybody has that one chick that brings out the passion in you, and based off this song, Geedoman isn’t ready to lose his.



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