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Action Bronson Drops Off The Intro To “White Bronco” (Review & Stream)


Action Bronson is back to action! (OK, that was corny)

Action Bronson has been pretty quiet on the rap front of things, which means hip hop fans everywhere haven’t been privileged to his sophisticated gibberish. Well today is a new day, and fortunately for us, Bronson has decided to return to the scene with a brand new jazzy rap cut called “White Bronco.” On it, he swags out with the best of them, dropping bars so slick and sly that the pink Panther got jealous. He also goes on the randomest of rants throughout, taking aim at his competition using the wackiest of punchlines (Forreal, eat your pudding was used in a rap?). I can honestly say I missed the fat bastard, but after hearing two or three songs from him, I will surely want him to go away again.

I’ve upgraded Action Bronson from a rapper to a comedian now.



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